Bahamas Islands

The gorgeous Bahamas Islands are an ideal choice for cruises and tropical vacations.

The Bahamas Islands are a beautiful set of thousands of cays and islands. There are actually more than 3000 in total, and they’re located to the southeast of Florida and north of Cuba. Since there are so many islands, there are tons of fabulous tropical beaches to relax on. The Pink Sand Beach, which is on Harbour Island, and Paradise Island’s Cabbage Beach are among the most spectacular. A lot of people will say that they’re some of the best of any tropical island, but you’ll have to be the judge on that.

The capital of the Bahamas Islands is Nassau, which has a huge number of excellent tropical beaches and resorts. If you’re looking for vacation packages, you’ll find quite a few to Nassau. There are two information centers for tourists, one is near the dock for cruise ships, and the other is downtown. They’ll direct you to everything you want to do, from dining options, shopping outlets, communities, beaches, and even information on how to get to Paradise Island (where you can check out Cabbage Beach).

Nassau has more than enough amazing dining experiences to keep you satisfied (and full) during your vacation. If you’re there, you need to go to Cafe Matisse. It’s quite possibly the best restaurant in the Bahamas Islands. It’s the ideal location for a romantic dinner with your special someone, and if you like eating outdoors, you can’t beat it. If you’re on Freeport, you have to visit the Coral Reef Beach Bar, where you can get amazing, authentic Caribbean food. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is and how much money you have, because it’s affordable and open late.

The number of activities and scenic spots to visit in the Bahamas Islands is pretty unbelievable. You can swim with the dolphins at the Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau or go snorkeling or diving in the Thunderball Grotto underwater caves in Great Exuma. If you’re in the mood for some golf, make sure to check out the Ocean Club Golf Course on Paradise Island. The views you get while playing a round will amaze you. If you’re into watersports like riding on jet skis or going kayaking, it doesn’t matter which island you’re on – you can do those things at any of them.

bahamas islandsBahamas Islands Cruises and Hotels

Cruises to the Bahamas Islands are very popular, especially if you go on Disney’s cruise Line. One of the main perks of that is the fact that you get to stop on their private one thousand acre island called Castaway Cay. Families, teens, and adults can all enjoy their beaches designated specifically for them. There are a lot of shopping and dining options on the island, too. If you have always wanted to go on a cruise, it’s probably one of the best ones you can take in the Atlantic.

The hotels in the Bahamas range for extremely luxurious to very luxurious. Like the cruises, they’re pretty affordable when you consider the service, dining options, and activities available. If you want to take your family, there are fancy options like the Atlantis in Nassau, and there are fabulous spots for the new couple celebrating their honeymoon as well. Whether your budget is less than $100 per night or you are willing to spend more than $500 a night, you’ll get to enjoy the Bahamanian tropics in all their glory.

You can check out a map of the Bahamas here. You’ll get an idea about how close the tropical islands are to Cuba and Florida, and you’ll also see how many cays and islands there are. Since there are so many beautiful cay and islands, it’s easy to find beaches that are extremely tropical and gorgeous. You’ll have fun exploring the map and seeing all the different names.

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